aepos. - a product of Lewald & Partner

The name aepos. is derived from the term epochal and means basically

„significant beyond the immediate horizon, having an influence in the future“.

The individual letters describe aepos. as a product in greater detail:






Who we are and what makes us tick

Lewald & Partner does not just stand for the company founder and General Manager Jens Lewald and his partner. Lewald & Partner stands for efficiency, security and

We develop software solutions for processing, publishing and exchanging PDF-printing data. The systems support agencies, publishers and printers in executing their tasks as well and as quickly as possible.

Our trademark is an exclusive service and a partnership relationship with our clients. Optimal systems and services are the result of our many years of experience with workflows in the area of pre-printing and software development.

Our client base consists of local and national offset and digital printing companies, agencies, companies and institutions of the graphics and printing industry.

Since our founding in 1995, hundreds of firms have relied on the skill of Lewald & Partner. The headquarters of the owner-operated company is located in Garbsen near Hannover.

The faces behind Lewald & Partner


Elmar Gaschet
Commercial Managing Director


On completing his training as an industrial manager, Elmar Gaschet first worked as a buyer for  VARTA Batterie AG.

Then he completed his business administration certificate for Materials Management and Purchasing.  Elmar Gaschet then worked as a buyer at Johnson Controls for several years before he co-founded Lewald & Partner in 1995. Since founding the company Elmar Gaschet has filled the position of Commercial Managing Director. As of 2000 he also took over Sales Management for PuzzleFlow Germany.

Elmar Gaschet still manages all sales activities for Lewald & Partner today, making him a familiar face to our clients.


Jens Lewald
Technical Business Manager


On completing his training as an electro-mechanical engineer, Jens Lewald completed his technical diploma in electrical engineering. After this he co-founded Lewald & Partner PrePress Systeme GmbH together with Elmar Gaschet in 1995.

At first he built up the specialised trade in graphic printing. By supplying servers and RAID-solutions for office logistics, the expanded the range of products and services offered by Lewald & Partner successively. Since  2000  Jens Lewald has focused the core competence of his company on PDF-workflow systems. He took over the role of the Technical Business Manager.  

Well-known clients such as TUI Germany , the daily newspaper “Österreich” and Stark Druck have since used L&P’s know-how in the introduction of and consulting on PDF-workflows. Since 2009 Jens Lewald has supervised various PDF-workflow projects in the field of web offset and digital printing.